How To Draw A Winking Tongue Emoji

Emojis are usially fun and this one certainly is. This emoji is a little bit more on the silly side, it is essential a person with their tongue sticking out and winking. It is usually used between best friends to express fun, laughter, feeling of boredom or joking.

Step 1: First draw a large circle.
Step 2: In this step we will draw the open eye. All this is is 2 circle; One large circle then one smaller circle inside of that circle on the right side of the face.
Step 3: We will begin the winking eye here, just draw a small curved eye to he left.
Step 4: Now close that curved line in the previous step with a lower less curved line, to complete the winking eye.
Step 5: In this step we will create the mouth by drawing a curved semi circle below the eyes.
Step 6: Next draw the tongue as shown in the example inside of the mouth.
Step 7: We are now all done. All that is left to do is erase the extra lines created by the tongue and mouth and we have a silly winking tongue out emoji face!

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