How To Draw A Tongue Out Emoji

Find something funny? Or planning something wicked yet funny? What better can be then using the tongue out emoji to express your emotions? Similar to the winky face tongue out emoji, this is a silly emoji and is used for fun or joking situations. Here is how you can make it:

Step 1: Draw a circle. It’s up to you how big or small your want it to be.
Step 2: Draw the top portion of the closed eye as a slanted open eyebrow.
Step 3: Complete the closed eye as shown.
Step 4: Repeat steps 1-3 on the other side of the face.
Step 5: Now draw an uneven upside down semi circle for the mouth.
Step 6: Next draw a big U-shape inside the mouth to show the tongue.
Step 7: Erase the extra lines so that the drawing looks neat.

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