How To Draw A Sunglasses Emoji

Enjoy your vacations with some trendy sunglasses. Sunglasses are often used to protect your eyes from the suns harmful rays. Though in the case of emojis the sunglasses emoji is suppose to denote being cool or chilling. You can even find emojis with sunglasses on and appear like rock stars. Now well show you how to draw this cool emoji.

Step 1: Start off with drawing a circle. Choose the measurements of your liking.
Step 2: Draw the top portion of the glasses, by sketching a line as shown.
Step 3: Draw the left side of the glass also as shown.
Step 4: Now its time to complete the glasses and draw the right side of the sunglasses.
Step 5: Draw a crescent inside the big circle for the smiley face.
Step 6: Erase any overlapping lines and color in your cool emoji.

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