How To Draw A See No Evil Emoji

Ever heard of the three monkeys who never saw, heard or spoke evil? These monkeys are also known as the three wise monkeys, in ancient asian cultures. These monkeys are cute, and are used to denote something that you don't want to see, especially in a very playful way. Here is how to make a see no evil emoji.

Step 1: Draw the top portion of the monkeys head by drawing two slanted upside down U's on opposite sides joined together with a downwards curved line.
Step 2: Complete the monkey's head as shown by drawing an incomplete circle.
Step 3: Draw two smushed together circles for the eyes, a another large circle underneath the eyes. Two slits for the nose and a wide open mouth within the circle.
Step 4: Draw one hand over the left eye.
Step 5: Add in details for the left paw.
Step 6: Repeat steps 4-5 on the for the opposite hand.
Step 7: Erase previous guidelines and overlapping lines, and now you can color in your cute no seeing monkey.

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