How To Draw A Chibi Gangsta

Step 1: Hey folks we are about to draw again! Today, we’re drawing Chibi Gangsta. We will begin by drawing a slant left circle. Then, inside the circle, draw a slight line above the center of the circle and drag the line below the circle to form neck. From the neck, draw a horizontal line to serve as the shoulder. Now, from the left side of the horizontal, draw a “V” shape and at the edge of the “V” shape draw a little triangle. Now by to the right side of the shoulder line, draw a curve line that goes down little below the waist and curve out a little triangle. From the point of the neck’s line, continue another draw a slant line down (serving as the chest and stomach); then, curve horizontal line that serves as the waist, then curve out the leg.
Step 2: At this stage, we will curve out the jaw, single ear to the right and the body. Curve out the jaw bending down to the right and the single ear to the right too. While for the body, following the lines sketches to curve out the actual body structure. Note: The left hand arm is drawn folded.
Step 3: Here, we curve out the head structure properly. Facial futures include the wiggling hair, a pair of eyebrow and eyes and open mouth and the ear with a dual earring.
Step 4: Drawing of the top and the pant clothes. Note that the collar is a wider one and two front pockets are in rectangular shape.
Step 5: Here, we will curve out a steel rod in the left arm that goes across the back shoulder and on the right arm, short steel “cylinder.”
Step 6: Great, we are set to coloring our Chibi Gangsta, well done!

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