How To Draw Graffiti Word Art – Bomb

This Graffiti word art looks quite difficult to draw, but actually, it’s not. To draw this graffiti word art easily in just a few steps! We invite you to stick to this tutorial. So, without a further a delay, let’s get started.

Step 1: Write out the word “BOMB,” just as we’ve done. This writing will act as a guide to drawing our graffiti art.
Step 2: Start creating a shape for letter ‘B.’ around the alphabet that is already written there. A pen tool will definitely be beneficial there.
Step 3: Now, here’s a tricky part, letter ‘O’ is made to look like a bomb. With an ellipse tool, draw a circle around the alphabet. After that draw the further details of the bomb. Place the bomb in front of all the objects to give it a prominent look.
Step 4: After that, create a shape for the letter ‘M.’ Place it behind the bomb.
Step 5: Copy the shape of the letter ‘B’ drawn previously and paste it beside the letter ‘M.’ Place it behind the shape of M.
Step 6: After that, we’re going to make a background for our art. Simply create an explosive shape around the whole art and place it behind the art.
Step 7: Add a 3D effect to your drawing, in the same way, add textures, highlights, and shadows to give your drawing more of a mind blasting appearance. Make sure to add good fire matching colors to your art.

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