How To Draw Graffiti Word Art – Hiphop

A perfect street art is brought to existence when creativity marries an artistic insight. It’s an art that is fused with music and they say Hip hop is the most vibrant and original music ever. Down in the steps below, you are going to be learning how to draw graffiti word art ‘Hip Hop!’

Step 1: First of all, you are going to draw an alluring shape for the letter ‘H.’ You can do it simply by using a pen tool. Again, you can have any shape, draw the one that best suits your creativity.
Step 2: Step 2 is associated with making charming shapes for letters ‘I and P.’ Make the ‘i’s dot with somewhat a regular circular shape. Place the letter ‘i’ behind the letter ‘H.’ After that, make a shape for the alphabet ‘p’ as well. Arrange it behind the letter ‘i’ to give your art a more pleasing look.
Step 3: Now, it’s time to design a shape for the letter ‘H.’ Simply, copy the letter “H” (already there) and paste it. This might not appear similar to our “H” (H of HIP) because a reflection has been given to this “H.” (H of HOP) So, reflect it, and you will acquire a shape just like ours!

Step 5: Start coloring your art, and in the same step, draw an outline for your art. Again, it can be done simply with the help of a pen tool with a stronger stroke.
Step 6: Lastly, add a shimmering background to your art for a more sophisticated look! You can make different shapes and then arrange/place them behind your art.
Step 7: Adding some more details like shine, shadows, and reflections is a plus!

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