How To Draw Graffiti Word Art – Swag

Word “Swag” has quite been dominating the world and social media from the past ten to fifteen years. Thousands of people use the word “Swag” quite often now. Drawing its graffiti could be a good way to seek attention. A step by step illustration is given on how to draw Graffiti word art “SWAG”

Step 1: First, simply write out or draw the design or style of each and every letter of the word “SWAG.” This will help you as a guide to drawing the graffiti of each letter. We’ve chosen more like a regular linear design, but that’s not mandatory, you can have any style based on your perception.
Step 2: After that, start drawing a similar S shape around the letter “S.” You can do it simply with the help of a “pen tool” with holding “shift” in any Adobe software.
Step 3: Similarly, draw another somewhat regular and boxy “W” shape to cover the letter “W.” For more detail & definition arrange this shape in front of the letter “S.”
Step 4: Draw the shape for letter “A” as well. As you can see, we haven’t made a rectangle inside its shape to show its hollowness. You can draw a tilted rectangular for this as well.
Step 5: Draw a regular shape for the letter “G” as well. Send/place it behind the shape of letter “A” for further definition.
Step 6: In this step, your drawing will get a 3D effect. Draw shapes for each letter, as if you’re looking at the word from the top. Draw the effects of 3Dness for each letter.
Step 7: Now, your drawing is ready to be highlighted. Add shapes, just as we’ve shown at corners of each letter. These shapes should be colored white or colors close to white.

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