How To Draw A Cute Kawaii Taco

Everyone love tacos, now its your turn to learn how to draw this awesome Mexican delicacy. Don't get too hungry while drawing these, did I also mention that we will be making it cute too.

Step 1: First we will create a slanted half circle for the shell.
Step 2: We will now create a small curve at the bottom right for a pocket in which we will begin to draw the taco fillings.
Step 3: First filling will be the meat, these are random scribble crumbles.
Step 4: Next is the cheese, are more like straight rectangles.
Step 5: On to the letucce as shown in the example.
Step 6: Now we will draw small dashes randomly all over the shell to give it dimension. We will also draw a small mound above the lettce.
Step 7: In this step will be drawing the cute face. Just two dots then an open mouth in the center.
Step 8: Our yummy taco is ready for cute consumption!

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