How To Draw A Cute Kawaii Sushi

Step 1: We will begin the drawing of our Cute Kawaii Sushi by curving out a slant oval and then divide the oval into two equal parts by drawing a line.
Step 2: At this point, inside the oval drawn, we curve out wiggling line to form wiggling oval.
Step 3: The major different between the stage 2 and stage 3 is the rectangle shape drawn. To achieve this, another divided line is drawn from the right hand side and then, closed from both bottom and top. Note: The rectangle need to be extended beyond the oval curved at the top a little bit.
Step 4: This stage include drawing of eyeless fish. First, draw the head of the fish in the left side of the oval; ensure that some part of the fish is inside the top part of the oval and the remaining goes beyond. While the body goes beneath the rectangle and the tail is partly curved inside the right part of the oval and curved out.
Step 5: The facial features are curved out. This is done inside the left side of the oval and beneath the fish head. Both eyebrows and eyes are drawn and open mouth. (Note: The face portrait a smiling face).
Step 6: This stage requires drawing of slight lines facing left as many as possible in the body of the fish but the tail is excluded.
Step 7: This stage requires that we erase all unwanted guideline from the actual lines/ draw to giving it the ideal look.
Step 8: Finally, we have Cute Kawaii Sushi ready for coloring!

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