How To Draw Fries

French Fries are tasty potatoes that have been cute up into slices, fried in oil and lightly salted. They are usually eaten with condiments such as ketchup, cheese, and or chili. The exact origin of french fries is not certai,n some saying Beligum and some France, however French Fries are a very popular American snack.

Step 1: First draw the french fry holder as shown in the example.
Step 2: Next draw in two fries. These should be thick rectangles-like shapes.
Step 3: Add in two more fries, make sure that the fries are of different sizes and slightly different shapes.
Step 4: Continue adding in more fries making sure that the fries are individual chunky pieces.
Step 5: We will add a few more taller fries in the back, to give your collection of fries more depth.
Step 6: Now all that is left to do is give our fries a cute face, this can be any face you like so be creative.
Step 7: Our cute fries are now complete, get your color on!

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