How To Draw A Cute Kawaii Hotdog

Step 1: A simple but technical Cute Kawaii Hotdog will be drawn using a 6 steps processes. We will start by drawing a crescent shape (preferably a sitting shape of a single banana).
Step 2: This step is an extension of step 1. We will curve out two edges shadow of the shape drawn in step 1.
Step 3: Now, at the right hand side of the step 2 shape, we will draw a curve line that links the shadow edge and the actual crescent shape together.
Step 4: We will draw slight wiggling line at the top of the first shape and the shadow shape. However, some inches will be left at the both ends.
Step 5: Our Cute Kawaii Hotdog is not completed with the face. So, we will draw the facial features. To do this, at the center of the crescent shape, curve out the eyes with dots and the mouth with tongue out a bit.
Step 6: Wow, finally we will color our Cute Kawaii Hotdogs.

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