How To Draw A Cute Kawaii Popcorn

Step 1: Hey, it is time to draw again! We will be drawing Cute Kawali Popcorn. We begin by drawing a trapezoid shape with the wide face facing up, at the of the trapezoid, we will now curve out a semi-circle facing down but little space should be left at the both sides, great!
Step 2: We move to the trapezoid shape again, this time, at the top of the dividing line between semi- circle and trapezoid, draw wiggling line; then, shape the trapezoid down
Step 3: Now at the point of each wiggling meeting point with the trapezoid line, draw slight lines down to the bottom of the trapezoid.
Step 4: At this stage, we will curve out the porn corn between the semi-circle and the wiggling line. The shape of each pop corn is like a cup form but randomly scribble crumbles at the top.
Step 5: Here now, the popcorn is spread above the semi-circle to indicate the fullness of the popcorn. Also, a drawing of popcorn is drawn falling.
Step 6: At this stage, we will curve out the face features which are the two dot eyes and the mouth.
Step 7: Wow, our cute Kawali popcorn is ready for coloring; we have done a great work!

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