How To Draw A RocketLauncher

Step 1: Draw a slanted horizontal line, with two slanted vertical lines about half way down.
Step 2: At the far right part of the slanted line, add a thin cone like shape for the grenade.
Step 3: In this next step we will add a series of various shaped rectangles for the iron sight, just as shown.
Step 4: Below the the rectangles drawn in step 3, we will draw the trigger. Make sure that the trigger is drawn along the rightmost slanted vertical line.
Step 5: Next we will draw a second handle, this will look very similar to the trigger.
Step 6: Now we will draw another series of rectangles we will finish drawing the rest of the body of the rocket launcher. Make sure that the end part looks like an open cone, this is known as the breach.
Step 7: Our rocket launcher is complete now its time to color it.

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