How To Draw An Easy Gun

Step 1: First we will draw the grip. This looks like the tip part of a banana.
Step 2: Extending from the top part of the grip, we will draw the frame of the gun as shown.
Step 3: Now extending from the top right part of the frame we will draw a cylindrical tube shape to represent the barrel.
Step 4: For the frame we will add a small hook like shape to represent the hammer. Then to the right most part of the barrel we will a another hook like shape for the front site. We will also add a circle at the entrance of the barrel for more dimension.
Step 5: Next on the side of the frame we will a partial/half cylinder, and an odd shaped circle for the trigger guard.
Step 6: Inside the trigger guard we will add the trigger by drawing a small hook. We will also add circles and round rectangles to the cylinder to make it look more realistic.
Step 7: Now we are all done. Shade add color your easy gun as you wish.

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