How To Draw A Cannon

Step 1: For this step we will draw the bottom base. Do this by drawing a circle, then draw two smaller circles within that circle. Next draw a cross inside of the smallest circle extending a little outside of the largest circle. What you just drew should look something like a target. Then draw a diagonal line outside and through the circle. Then from the end of the diagonal line draw a straight horizontal line.
Step 2: Now we will draw the top of the cannon. At the top of the diagonal line draw a short straight line, then a curve around the base of the cannon. Then draw the bottom part trail.
Step 3: Then inside of the target circle, draw multiple diagonal lines all around to make it look more like a wheel. Like as shown.
Step 4: Inside the barrel of the cannon add slanted horizontal stripes.
Step 5: Now erase any mistakes or extra unnecessary lines.
Step 6: Now your cannon is ready to color and shade.

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