How To Draw A Tank

Step 1: Draw nine circles, make sure that the outer most circles on either side are higher than the other circles.
Step 2: Within each of the circles in step one, draw a smaller circle in the top left corner. Also be sure to add a slight outline to each circle.
Step 3: At the top of those circles we will draw a rectangular like frame, this will represent the right side view of the tank. Then we will draw horizontal lines extending from the left most wheel, which will be used to shape up the front port of the tank.
Step 4: Connect the wheels with lines along the bottom of the circles. Also add two slanted vertical lines to connect those front lines. Also add a swooping line to connect the front and the side wheels.
Step 5: Now we will shape up the front portion of the engine, and the back portion of the tank as shown.
Step 6: We will now add the turret along top of the tanks lower frame. The turret is shaped like an odd shaped box. We will also add the main gun extending from the turret.
Step 7: This step is all about adding details to our tank. A top the turret we will be adding the commander hatch along with smaller gun. We will also add valves and circles to the main gun, and threads alone the wheels, and head lights.
Step 8: Erase any lines that do not belong and our military tank is ready to rock and roll.

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