How To Draw A Folded Emoji

Asking someone for forgiveness or praying, this emoji is used to symbolize both the actions. This praying hands emoji are two hands pressed together, and in Japanese they mean thank you or please. This emoji can also express sorrow or regret. Or it can be interpreted the opposite way as two people slapping their hands together to form a "High Five" You can easily draw this one by using the following tutorial.

Step 1: Draw lines with curved ends, this will be the side of the fingers.
Step 2: Complete the hand by drawing figure as shown in the example.
Step 3: Draw a cuff at the bottom of the hand.
Step 4: Repeat steps 1-3 on the other side of the left hand to create the right hand.
Step 5: Draw the other fingers behind the front hands, as shown in the diagram.
Step 6: Add slanted angled rectangles as rays.
Step 7: Grab color pencils and start coloring. No add too much color so that the hands look more realistic. The folded hands emoji is ready to be sent to you friends.

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