How To Draw A Candy Cane

Candy cane at Christmas which was said to originate from Germany has come to stay after 250 years. Children love the beautiful white and red colored candy cane with its peppermint or wintergreen flavor. Children naturally will love someone who gives candy cane. Learning how to draw candy cane will also endear one to their hearts. Worry no more because here is the easiest guide for drawing a candle cane for kids.

Step 1: This is one of the easiest drawings to nail. Let's get things off by drawing an umbrella like handle. Begin by drawing a large curved line from top up all the way down.
Step 2: Follow this drawing with another large curved line all the way down to give it that 3D effect.
Step 3: Just inside your umbrella like handle, follow with a smaller duplication of step one.
Step 4: This is closely followed by small semi-circle line drawn from edge to edge. Do this from the top all the way down.
Step 5: Finally, just at the middle, ink two dots opposite each other and a small semi-circle to depict the mouth. Wasn’t difficult was it? But don't forget to clean your outlines.

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