How To Draw A Candy Apple

Candy apples are made by coating whole apples with sugar films. The marvelous thing about candy apples is that most times the flavor of the candy and of the apple match. Candy apple is not restricted to any age bracket but kids do sure love it more. Now, you will learn how to draw candy apple step by step.

Step 1: This step is so easy it would take just a few seconds. Begin by drawing a large circle.
Step 2: Continue by drawing a slightly curved line from the top of your circle all the way down and another curved line just at the bottom of your circle from edge to edge
Step 3: From the top of your slightly curved line, draw another adjoining line that connects just quarter way through the circle Step 4: Draw a semi-circle from the top of your circle and proceed with a wavy line that connects quarter way through the circle.
Step 5: From the edge of your wavy line at the left hand side of your circle, draw a circle that runs from your left, to the middle all the way to the other edge of your wavy line.
Step 6: Draw a wavy line from the edge of your semi-circle all the way to the other side.
Step 7: Just at the top where you have your semi-circle and a wavy line, draw random thick strokes in the middle of that semi-circle.
Step 8: In the middle of your large circle, draw to small circle opposite each other to represent the eye and a nice little semicircular line in between to represent the nose
Step 9: Finish off with a pink blush just beneath the eyes.

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