How To Draw A Brownie

Step 1: I love the yummy taste of brownies. Shall we draw one? Start off by drawing a large triangle.
Step 2: Proceed with a straight line drawn in the middle of your rectangle from top to bottom. But ensure this line moves slightly above your triangle from top to bottom.
Step 3: From the left side of your triangle, draw a slightly curved line from the edge of your triangle and connect it to the end of your horizontal line below. From here you continue to the other side of your triangle. From the end of your horizontal line at the bottom of your triangle, draw another curved line up a bit.
Step 4: You see where your three just completed curved lines end right? Good. Connect all three points with a wavy line that meets with your horizontal line at the top of your triangle.
Step 5: Now, draw your eyes and nose by drawing two small circles at the left side of your triangle. For the nose connect a small straight line with a small semi-circle a little below your eyes.
Step 6: Clean out all rough edges and triangle forms including the visible horizontal line at the middle of your triangle. Also, paint the eyes black.
Step 7: Paint a pink blush just below the eyes and add some white patches to eyes.

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