How To Draw Cotton Candy

Cotton Candy is commonly served at fairs, circuses, carnivals, and festivals. It is made of sugar and usually comes out white but you can add food coloring and flavor to your taste. Drawing a cotton candy is as easy as preparing it. To win more cotton candy lovers to your side you need to know how to draw a cotton candy. Just follow the steps and you master the art of drawing a cotton candy.

Step 1: Drawing a cotton candy isn't as complicated as it looks. We will start by drawing an oval shaped circle which shouldn't be hard to nail.
Step 2: To add some touch of class to your oval shaped circle, draw a wavy line round your oval shaped circle. That was easy right?
Step 3: Now follow up with a cone drawn just below your oval shaped circle. I guess things are beginning to make more sense now right? But that's not all.
Step 4: Draw two small semi circles opposite each other in the middle of your oval shaped circle followed with a small line connected with a semi-circle to represent the nose.
Step 5: Finish up by painting a blush just below the eye and proceed to clean off all outlines that we used as guidelines. Beautiful right? I guessed as much.

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