How To Draw Female Hairstyle 9

There are many female hairstyles but what makes female hairstyle number 9 stand out is its uniqueness. There are a couple of celebrities that wear the hairstyle no 9. It is also the very common and one of the easiest to draw. Hairstyle drawing for a beginner is no joke and we have put up a quick step by step guide to walk you through the drawing the female hairstyle 9.

Step 1: Sketch out a head for the base guidelines.
Step 2: Draw out the hairline.
Step 3: In this step we will draw out uneven bangs in the middle of the head, starting at the baseline. Then you will add longer pieces of hair to the sides.
Step 4: In this step we will round off the head top. This portion will be the headband.
Step 5: Add some hair to the back of the head starting from the headband. Make sure the back of it is about level with the front hair.

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