How To Draw A Wolf

Wolves are large canines that look like huge wild dogs. They are often depicted in packs or howling at the moon. Real life wolves can be scary, but how about giving this scary animal an innocent look for the kids? Here is how you can do it.

Step 1: Draw a circle for the face and an oval or oblong she attached to the circle for the body.
Step 2: On the top of the circle make the ears and on the front side make a mouth or snout of the wolf.
Step 3: Now draw a small line inside the snout for the nose and a small circle for the eyes.
Step 4: Along the oblong shape, draw the body of the wolf. Draw a few uneven lines to make it look like hairs. Be sure to show the fur by drawing the tail fluffy.
Step 5: Add more furry details by drawing lines throughout the body.
Step 6: The drawing is complete, now it is time to start coloring. Your kids will definitely love drawing and coloring this cute little thing.

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