How To Draw A Penguin

These black and white polar creatures are just adorable. Penguins are flightless birds that live mostly in the southern hemisphere, in places like Antarctica. Does you find drawing a penguins difficult? Then here is an easy guide for your that even a kid can follow.

Step 1: Draw an odd shaped oval as shown. Then add 2 lines in a cross.
Step 2: Add two curved lines as shown in the example.
Step 3: Add two curved triangles to the body for arms.
Step 4: Complete the body by and draw the feet of this bird.
Step 5: Add small lines for the eyes and eyebrows, then an odd shaped circle for the beak.
Step 6: Erase all the unnecessary line so that the drawing looks neat. Also with the help of a marker, darken all the details so that the picture is clearer.
Step 7: Pick up your colors and start coloring. Color it black and white or any other color, your drawing is ready for display.

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