How To Draw A Ghost

You enter a dark room on Halloween, suddenly a ghost drops is front of you and you almost get a heart attack. The best way to scare someone is by drawing a ghost, coloring it with a dark pencil and then hanging it in a room with no lights. here is the easiest way to draw a ghost.

Step 1: Draw a small circle or a teardrop shape, whichever you find easy on the top of the page.
Step 2: Then draw a bigger circle or teardrop shape below the small one.
Step 3: Now on each side of the teardrop, draw long, curved teardrops for arms of the ghost.
Step 4: Now draw an outline of curves and uneven lines around the shapes to give it a more detailed look.
Step 5: You may now erase the rough shapes and draw a scary face. Draw two big circles for eyes and an oval for the mouth.
Step 6: Darken the outlines so that the drawing is enhanced. Pick up some dark color pencils and start coloring the ghost. Make it as terrifying as you can so that you can enjoy you halloween prank on others.

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