How To Draw A Devil Pony

The beauty of art is that you can create as much as you can think of it. If you can think about it, you can create it. We all know pony to be a special breed of horse which is friendly in nature, but what if you turn the table around and create a pony that isn’t friendly and even scary? A DEVIL PONY!!!!!!! Now you can make that happen. Relax; here is how you can do it.

Step 1: Draw a circle, an oval underneath that circle and connecting circles and lines for the legs and feet.
Step 2: In the top most circle begin drawing details for the face/head; Ears on both sides, some hair with horns, malicious angled eyes, and the nose.
Step 3: Add more details to the eyes, nose, and mouth.
Step 4: Add long flowy hair falling behind the ear, ending towards the bottom of the oval.
Step 5: Begin drawing the front part of the body by following the guidelines in step 1 to form the legs.
Step 6: Finish the body by following the guidelines to complete the butt and back legs.
Step 7: From the butt add a curved pointy devil tail. Don't forget to add dragon like wings to the coming from behind the ponies hair.
Step 8: Your devil pony is now complete, and you can color it a firey sinster red.

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