How To Draw A Normal Pony

You know a pony is a small gentle type of horse usually less than five feet high at the shoulder. Ponies are generally considered intelligent and friendly, although sometimes they also are described as stubborn or cunning, they are fun to be with as they are used both riding and driving. You’ve seen pictures of ponies’ right and you don’t know how to draw them? Never worry; here is a simple guide to on how to draw a pony.

Step 1: Draw three circles; two about the same size one lower than the other. Then one circle smaller than the other two and overlapping at the right of the bottom circle. Then draw two lines extending from the larger bottom circle and one line, from the smaller bottom circle.
Step 2: Sketch out the shape of the unicorns face, from the top circle. Then add some hair on top of the head.
Step 3: Draw the big eyes on the head, two lines for nostrils, ears at the side of the head, and long hair on the left side below the left ear.
Step 4: Using the guideline circles sketch out the ponies body. Don'f forget to give her a smile and a little bit more hair.
Step 5: From the lines created in step 1, draw out the the ponies legs. Making sure that the back leg is bend.
Step 6: Add another hind leg and give the pony some hair for her tail.
Step 7: Erase and guidelines and your basic pony is ready to color.

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