How To Draw A Candy Corn

Halloween is the time year where you can make even the sweetest things look frightening. Candy corns are usually white, orange and yellow, pieces of candy that are shaped to resemble a kernel of corn. Here is great idea to draw a blood-thirsty candy corn for Halloween decoration.

Step 1: For a rough sketch, make a vertical line and then a shorter horizontal line over lapping it. It will look like a cross.
Step 2: Using these lines, draw a cone type shape or a triangle with round edges. This will serve as the body of candy corn.
Step 3: Divide the body in three sections by drawing lines. Coloring can be done differently in all the three sections.
Step 4: Give the candy corn its final touches by drawing the eyes and mouth. Make a frightening face for Halloween.
Step 5: Erase the rough lines so that the drawing looks neat. Start coloring and finish it off with some more details if you like. The scary candy corn is ready to be placed a halloween decoration.

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