How To Draw Female Hairstyle 5

There are so many different female hairstyles created for every facial shape, hair type, skin tones, and postures. One of the most simple yet popular of them all is hairstyle 5 as shown on the figure beside; two ponytails with full bangs style is probably one of the oldest as well. It is so familiar that you can draw it easily as instructed below.

Step 1: Start with a normal head as the base.
Step 2: Next draw the hairline.
Step 3: Now we will draw the top bangs portion of your bangs.
Step 4: Round off the back portion of the hairstyle as shown in the example.
Step 5: Now we will finish the bottom portion of the pig tails. Draw some hair ties below the hair you drew in step 4. Then complete the look by drawing flowy hair underneath.

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