How To Draw A Heart Eyes Emoji

If you are feeling loved today and wants to share it with your friends than use the heart eyes emoji for it. The heart eye emoji is used express love towards another person or thing. This emoji is often times used when flirting, showing gratitude, or adoration. Here is a small tutorial for drawing and coloring it.

Step 1: Draw a circle.
Step 2: In the top left portion of the circle, Draw a curved slanted C, for the left side of the heart.
Step 3: Complete the mini heart by drawing the slanted C in the other direction.
Step 4: Create another heart on the right side of the circle by repeating steps 1-3 in the opposite direction.
Step 5: Draw an open mouth as shown.
Step 6: Erase any guidelines and begin coloring. Now feel free to share your happiness with everyone around you with this wonderful emoji.

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